We recommend slicing your bread as you eat it. Then place the cut side against the cutting board to help the interior remain moist. The crust will get crustier, but the inside will be just fine. It is perfectly safe at room temperate. If you find you have a hard time making it through a loaf before it stales, simply put half of your loaf in the freezer. When you’re ready, let it return to room temperature. You can also crisp it in a 350 degree oven for five minutes to bring back the original crust texture. All of our loaves freeze very well. Outside of our buns, or softer bread, we generally don’t recommend putting your bread in plastic. While this will help to keep it from drying out as quickly, it makes the crust very soft. Never put our bread in the refrigerator. Staling actually occurs faster at 40 degrees, than it does at room temperature.

We do not slice our bread, simply because it’s better for the bread. Once it’s sliced, the entire loaf is exposed and then must be put in plastic. We do have hearts however! We will certainly slice bread for anyone with a disability or who is physically unable to do it themselves. For the rest of you, practice makes perfect! Please note, we will never slice bread while it’s still warm.

Yes. We have a variety of gluten free pastries. However, we are currently not making any gluten free bread varieties.  

We donate our bread everyday as a way to help give back to the community. We have partnered with various food pantries and churches in the Grand Rapids area who make daily pick-ups at our bakery. Interested in getting on our donation schedule? Give us a call!

Yes we do. We have done several special occasion orders…. Weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties, you name it! You can order any of our loaves, rolls, croissants… we’ve even done Tarte flambée! If it’s a large enough order, we would love to work on a special recipe for you.

We get this question A LOT. And the answer is, NO. Honestly, we truly believe that a nice “caramelization” on the crust adds a depth of flavor that can’t be achieved when the bread is under-baked. We often have “dark bottoms” from the hearth of our wood-fired oven, but we love the flavor, and we think you will too. Another reason they look darker than you may be accustomed to seeing, is that we use mostly whole grains. These grains do tend to bake up darker in color. Now on occasion, we do actually burn our bread… gasp! When this happens we are not afraid to admit it. Heck, we’re cookin’ with fire here! It’s not always easy. We will always pull burned bread and pastries off of our retail shelves or offer it at a discounted price.

Guests often wonder why we only have baguettes sometimes when we open at 9am. The main reason is, we want to have bread for you that’s as fresh as possible. So when you come in at 10am or so, you can get a pipin’ hot loaf of bread right out of the oven. Also, we’re a bit restricted by our wood-fired ovens. We only get one chance to bake everyday and we have a set amount of time to do it before needing to fire up the ovens for the next day’s bake. Demand also plays a role. You’ll find bread out on the shelves earlier on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.